Jenny is a successful career woman with a passion for ill-advised affairs. When she meets the intriguing French-American Marc at a party, she becomes involved in an intoxicating sexual fling. Impulsively accompanying him to France, Jenny finds her blissful adventure darkens. She can tell that Marc is hiding something and curious events deepen her suspicion. Then, on the way home from a perfect evening, he simply disappears.

Angry and mystified, Jenny returns to London but her missing lover continues to haunt her. Why did Marc abandon her? And why does she get the uncanny feeling she’s being watched? Her need to uncover the answers leads her on an increasingly dangerous trail from London to New York and back to Brittany, towards a horrifying revelation that threatens her life.

Enticement by Gill Paul

“Paul keeps the narrative up, making a virtue of pace.” Guardian

“A sexy, pacy, thoroughly modern novel.” Ham & High