Jackie and Maria

The President’s Wife; a Glamorous Opera Star; the rivalry that shook the world…

Jackie Kennedy is beautiful, sophisticated, and contemplating leaving her ambitious young senator husband. She is madly in love with him but life in the public eye with a man who is obsessed with politics and seems incapable of fidelity is breaking her spirit. When they are invited for cocktails on the luxurious yacht owned by billionaire Ari Onassis she is intrigued to meet him…. little suspecting that the encounter will ultimately change her life.

Maria Callas is at the height of her operatic career and widely considered to be the finest soprano in the world. And then she’s introduced to Aristotle Onassis, the world’s richest man and her fellow Greek. Stuck in a childless, sexless marriage, and with pressures on all sides from opera house managers and a hostile press, she finds her life being turned upside down by this hyper-intelligent and impeccably charming man…

Little by little, Maria’s and Jackie’s lives begin to overlap, and they come closer and closer until everything they know about the world changes on a dime.    

Published in the US on 18th August 2020.
Published in the UK on 17th September 2020.

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“I can’t rave highly enough about this book – it’s my favourite Gill Paul novel to date. A dazzling yet moving portrait of two very different iconic women, it’s brilliantly researched, compellingly told and completely fascinating. I just loved it.” Tracy Rees

“A brilliant read stretching from the 1950s to the 1970s with terrific settings in the exclusive playgrounds of the rich and famous. Glamorous and highly seductive this compelling story explores the lives of two complex, powerful women complete with all their talents and flaws. Jackie and Maria is not just about their story; this novel also brings the 20th Century to life in vivid colourful detail. I loved it.” Dinah Jefferies

“Two of the most famous and glamorous women of the mid 20th century fall in love with one of the world’s richest men: the scene is set for a drama of vicious rivalry and broken hearts. …Cleverly interpreting the known biographical details, she delves into the emotions and motivations that drive these three fascinating individuals so you empathise with them and are reeled in to a truly compelling story keeping you gripped from (fairly) innocent beginnings to tragic endings…This is the best of historical fiction – leaving you wanting to learn more. ” Liz Trenow