Women and Children First

Reg is a handsome young steward who works in the Titanic‘s first-class dining room; Annie is a gifted Irish woman, travelling to New York with her four children. There’s an American millionaire with an unhappy secret and an unhealthy marriage, and a titled English lady who’s pregnant and unmarried but determined to hold her head high. The sinking of the Titanic not only steals lives but blows apart the futures of the men and women who survive. Coming to terms with the shocking events they have witnessed, the survivors form new attachments, watch their lives crumble, make tragic decisions, and struggle to survive in the aftermath. How can life ever be the same again when you have heard 1,500 people dying in the water around you?

“Loved Women & Children First. Interesting it deals with the aftermath / guilt / angst of surviving Titanic – gripping read.” Chrissy Iley, on Twitter

“A warm-hearted and engaging novel that breathes fresh life into the well-known tragedy of the Titanic.” Amanda Brookfield

“A thrilling, moving story of lives caught up in an extraordinary event – vivid and engrossing. I loved it.” Lulu Taylor