No Place for a Lady

1854. Britain is sliding unprepared into what will be a horrendous war. Lucy Harvington has travelled to Crimea with Charlie, her handsome and impetuous officer husband, unaware that the army hasn’t given much thought to looking after wives. If anything happens to Charlie, what will become of her?

Lucy’s elder sister Dorothea warned her not to marry Charlie, and they’ve fallen out over it. Anxious for her sister’s safety and keen to resolve their quarrel, Dorothea is determined to follow her to the front as part of the team of pioneering nurses commanded by Florence Nightingale.

Neither sister could have guessed the horrors awaiting them: the appalling diseases, the gruesome injuries, the brutal cold … nor could they have imagined the risks they will have to take, the forbidden passions they will experience, and the simple heart-breaking fact that they may never see each other again.

No Place for a Lady by Gill Paul

Reviews for No Place for a Lady

“A galloping good story. The author has clearly done her research and has a good grasp of the period.”
Natasha McEnroe, director of the Florence Nightingale Museum

“A marvellous and moving adventure, full of vivid colour and atmospheric detail – if you loved Poldark, you’ll love this.” Lulu Taylor

“This book had me up reading till 2am … like Vanity Fair crossed with Poldark. Stunning epic.” Claudia Carroll

“A terrific adventure story, full of romance and atmospheric detail – a great escapist read.” Liz Trenow

“A gripping historical read … with an ending which is at once uplifting and heartbreaking. I couldn’t put it down.”
Julia Williams

“A wonderful story of love, romance, bravery.”
One More Page

“A love story that will squeeze your heart tight – this is the perfect all-consuming summer read.”
Random Things Through My Letterbox

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book… Brilliantly written with great descriptions of places and events.”
Boon’s Bookshelf