Dr Nicola Drew is stunned when her fiancé Sedic – a volatile Indonesian artist – ends their engagement in the most humiliating way possible and refuses to explain why. Then she is persuaded by Sedic’s father to honour her commitment to work for him in Indonesia and she flies out alone to try to piece her life back together.

As soon as she lands in Jakarta, it becomes apparent that all the rules are different. The job she has been hired to do is illegal; the company that employs her is selling faulty medical equipment to the Indonesians; and she finds herself embroiled in a sinister scam. Just as Nicola is beginning to work out what’s going on, Sedic is back. This time he’s begging for forgiveness and another chance … but her instinct tells her it’s not all it seems.

Compulsion by Gill Paul

“I started this book lying in bed and just had to carry on until I’d finished it. It’s a real page-turner, but it’s an intelligent book too – and it’s moving.”  Amazon Review

“An excellent novel by an intelligent author I heard on the radio a few weeks back. The Indonesian setting is acutely drawn, hugely memorable, and the perfect backdrop to a steamy love story cum thriller.”  Amazon Review